Built from the ground-up and meticulously designed as a 'purist' Reflection Free Zone (RFZ)...  only the best materials, workmanship and intricate attention to detail were utilized.  The studio is centered around an SSL XL Desk analog console, with Neumann KH420 3-way monitors, coupled with a KH870 dual 10" subwoofer.  Custom deep-well QRD N7 diffusion along the rear wall ensures  even mid-frequency control across the spectrum, providing scattering down to 193 Hz and true diffusion to 387 Hz.  Significant bass-trapping controls low frequencies, further flattening the curve below 400 Hz.  The ability to track, mix and even master in a purpose-built/tuned acoustically balanced environment is fully accomplished, without coloring of the source sound and avoiding an acoustically "dead" room.  State of the art infinite color LED lighting throughout creates the perfect setting at all times.  The silent variable speed HVAC system consistently maintains desired studio temperature (+- 3 Deg F) and controls critical relative humidity (+- 5% RH).  Additionally, both large sound-locks are acoustically decoupled and can be used as isolation booths, with integrated instrument, microphone and headphone I/O, while ensuring direct line of sight with the engineer.  Nothing was overlooked, ensuring superior isolation and acoustics, while maintaining the highest level of comfort,