Frequently Asked Questions

Rates are variable depending on the project, although very competitive.  It can take time to put new drum heads on, tune, ensure phase coherency and get mic placement dialed in.  Processing (EQ, Reverb, Compression, etc.) can also be done if desired.  That way, the tracks will drop right into your song and perform well together.  If you need a physical disc (CD/DVD) it can be provided with no problem.  Miscellaneous percussion, unique projects, or special needs are also not an issue.

How long will it take to get my drum tracks?


After the information and files are in house, the work begins.  If it is a straight forward one song project, then it should be finished in a couple of days.  If it is a full-length project (10-13 songs), then it will take a bit longer, depending on the complexity.  The details can be worked out before and during recording.  Every effort will be made to reduce turn-around time, so the project can move forward.

What is the Payment process?


Once the final drum tracks are approved, payment is made.  PayPal is preferred (PayPal Business Verified Member), but Money Orders and Cashier's Checks are also accepted, drawn on a United States bank only.  A secure link to download all files will then be provided.  If not paid via PayPal, delivery of the files will be delayed until payment is cleared.

what file formats do you use?


Virtually any file format can be used.  For the initial work and proofing, Mp3 is common and preferred, started at absolute zero, to ensure proper synchronization.  In rare cases, Mp3 files may cause sync issues, even if started at absolute zero.  In this case, send a wav or aif file.  Drum track previews (sub-mixed) are provided in Mp3 format.  Separate final drum track files will be provided in the format and resolution of your choice.  A click track, on it's own track, is most helpful.  Starting at absolute zero, provide the exact BPM so it may be synchronized to a click.  Separate tracks, such as bass, guitar and vocals are also valuable, allowing a tracking sub-mix more suitable for getting a nice drum take.

Can revisions be made?


Yes.  Up to two revisions per song can be made free of charge.  The revisions must be requested prior to final drum track delivery.  If reasonable, all requests will be accommodated.  Complete satisfaction and a high-end product is the ultimate goal.

Can the drum tracks have processing applied?


Yes.  However, it is also common that it be applied during mixing, due to instrument interaction within the mix.  That being said, it is entirely up to you.  Compression, limiting, gating, equalization, and reverb can be applied.  The tracks can also be delivered raw and processed both.  In other words, a set of unprocessed and a set of processed files.  Once again, unprocessed drum tracks offer the most control later on during final mixdown.  Once effects or processing are applied, they cannot be removed.  Bear in mind that everything is recorded through a high-quality signal chain ensuring quality tracks (see equipment for details).

Can I get a CD of my drum tracks?


Yes.  A CD/DVD of all final files can be mailed, as sometimes it's beneficial to have an actual disc in hand.  You can always burn your own CD after downloading the files as well.

What if I am not satisfied?


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the drum tracks, a full refund will be given.  All legal rights for your use of the drum tracks will be relinquished.  Be aware that two revisions per song (free of charge) are allowed to meet your goal.  Revisions must be made prior to final drum track file delivery.

Do I have a choice of drum sounds?


Yes. We have a large array of drums to choose from.  Drum set is an interesting and very versatile instrument (although multiple components comprise a drum set, it is one instrument).  Many factors go into the sound produced and captured by a drum kit, such as head selection, tuning, dampening, microphone selection/positioning, drum or even stick choice.  Snare drum choice lends a significant defining character toward the overall sound of the kit, vibe and ultimately the song.  Various other percussion instruments are also available.  This is why it is always important to clearly communicate what you want.  Feel free to send a sample (another recording or band) of the sound you are looking for, and every effort will be made to meet your vision.

what about security and protection of my music?


Exchange of files are kept as secure as possible, while maintaining a reasonable level of convenience.  Various means can be used for file delivery/exchange, such as email,  Dropbox (highly secure), or other online services are utilized.  Private secure login information will also be provided.  Dropbox is preferred, as it is extremely secure, convenient and reliable.  Email attachments to send the initial tracks is common, and also to preview preliminary drum sub-mixes.  Although common email is less secure, most people prefer this method for convenience.  Just keep in mind that some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have restrictions on file sizes for email attachments, while Dropbox is never an issue with large files.  Once in house, the utmost in security of your music is afforded.  Finally, it is highly suggested that your material be copyright protected (see below).

Are there any copyright concerns?


You should always copyright your material to protect against future legal issues.  Solution Room Studios is providing a professional service, and included in that service is a promise to maintain strict control of artists' music while in our studio.  Once the drums are recorded, they are yours to use however you wish, with a couple of restrictions.  The only action you cannot take with the drum tracks is to re-sell them, or provide them to another entity as stand-alone drum tracks (commonly referred to as loops).  Your rights are protected, and we will gladly sign a contract stating so if needed, prior to any services rendered.

What equipment do you use?


Equipment choice is subjective.  Solution Room Studios utilizes, what we consider to be, the best recording equipment available.  Many years of trial and error in search of the smallest of quality gains in an effort to obtain the highest quality level and perfect sound is a never-ending process (long-time member of GearSlutz under user name solutionroom).  See the Equipment & Studio pages for further information.  In addition to this, we have several drum sets, many snare drums and a myriad of percussion instruments to draw from.  The most important thing is... the final product.  We believe in the "keep it simple" theory, but rest assured, if a better sound can be obtained, it will happen.  The signal chain is always of the highest quality.  The main studio has been professionally and meticulously designed and built to obtain an acoustically superior recorded product.